Rocky Mountain Summit - March 15

We'll start the day with a whirlwind tour of our web services and mobile apps. After lunch, we'll take a deep dive into the Checkmate inventory management system.

Car Part Pro Brokering and Classic Brokering
In this session, we'll cover:
Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro)
In this session, we'll demonstrate:
Car-Part Interchange Plus / CrashLink
In this session, we'll discuss:
Photomate Mobile App / eBay
In this session, we'll talk about the Checkmate Listing Manager and discuss Photomate's most popular features. Here's what we'll cover:
Core Pricing and Mobile Apps
In this session, we'll show you:
Lunch Break and Laptop Setup for Afternoon Classes
We encourage you to bring your Windows laptop with you for our interactive afternoon session. You do not need to have any of our software installed on your laptop to participate. Bring your laptop in during this lunch break and we will connect your computer to our simulation environment, giving you access to the software we will discuss this afternoon.

Bidmate and Partmate Enhancements
In this session we'll discuss:
Checkmate Sales Pro (2019R1 Enhancements + Advanced Sales Pro)
For this interactive session, please bring your laptop to connect to our simulation environment.

We recently updated Checkmate Sales Pro, and we're excited to show you what's new! You'll learn how to: