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Roger Schroder Roger Schroder
Vice President

Roger Schroder is a co-founder of and is currently the company's Vice President. Roger has been in the auto recycling industry for over 30 years, and is owner of Foreign Auto Salvage in Fort Wright, KY. He was the manager of Foreign Auto Salvage for many years and continues to serve as a senior officer.

Roger received a bachelor's degree from Thomas More College with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting. He spent 10 years as a special agent with the Treasury Department. Roger is a Fort Wright General for his volunteer work with the city and work with the Fort Wright Business Association. He has also been recognized as an Honorary Colonel by the Kentucky State Police Department.

Theresa Colbert Theresa Colbert

Theresa Colbert is an on-the-ground representative for She works with dismantling yards to help them decide which products in the Car-Part suite best fit their needs and shows them how they can optimize their part listings for online sales through eBay, Brokering, and Trading Partners. She does this by emphasizing the importance of accurate part grading and high-quality part images. She also stresses the value of online sales in our current marketplaces.

Theresa has been with for over 12 years. Previously, she worked at Nu-Parts Automotive Products for 10 years. Prior to Nu-Parts, she was the manager at Winter Auto Japanese Engines in Glendale, Arizona, and at AAA Economy Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona. Theresa also owns and operates her own automotive recycling yard, Recycled OE Parts in Richland, MO. With over 25 years of industry experience, she has seen the auto recycling world from almost every point of view. Theresa is on the Pennsylvania association event board, the Colorado association event board, and the ARA Scholarship Foundation fundraising committee. She also speaks at industry trade shows and writes monthly articles in The Recyclers Power Source, the Toolbox, and several state association publications.

Mendi Evans Mendi Evans

Mendi Evans is part of's Training team, specializing in the Full Checkmate product suite, Web Services (CrashLink and CPI+/iCPM/Car-Part Gold) and Car Part Pro. Mendi has been with for about 10 years, working with both the Training and Sales teams. She trains auto recyclers and repairers on's software solutions.

Prior to, Mendi worked in the golf business, planning weddings, membership events, and golf outings in Coastal Georgia and Coastal Virginia. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, with a minor in Business Administration from Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, VA. Mendi lives in Richmond, VA and stays busy in her free time with her two boys and husband.

Greg Green Greg Green

Greg Green has worked in the automotive industry his entire life, at a family-owned salvage yard in North Carolina. When the business began using Checkmate in 2014, Greg was overseeing the daily operations as the general manager. Appreciating how user-friendly Checkmate is, Greg adapted quickly and never looked back.

Driven by his love of helping people, Greg also pursued work in ministry all while continuing to work in the recycling industry. He completed his master’s degree in Christian counseling and went on to pastor two different churches.

In 2021, Greg began working directly for as a trainer and has enjoyed every minute. As a winner of Car-Part’s Rising Star award in 2022, Greg is dedicated to working with recyclers to make sure their Checkmate experience is positive and productive.

Dan Ruud Dan Ruud

Dan Ruud is a Checkmate Product Specialist. He is responsible for testing new enhancements and software changes, acting as a communication point between developers and support staff, and helping support staff with escalated issues. Dan has also been part of numerous installations and conversions, so he understands what it's like working at yards ranging from a single employee to the largest yards.

Dan started working with Checkmate over 25 years ago as a basic support representative on the Orion product. He switched to Checkmate and worked his way up to the Lead Support Rep for Checkmate. He held that position for a few years, and once purchased Checkmate, Dan then moved to the development and testing side of the product. He continues to assist with escalated issues when needed.

Becky Adkison Becky Adkison

Prior to working at, Becky Adkison worked as a special education teacher. She started at Car-Part in 2004 and worked as a Recycler Sales Rep until 2011. After that, she spent time as a co-manager at two different salvage yards. During that time, Becky served as the Vice President of the Carolina Automotive Recyclers Association until she eventually spent two years as the association's President.

In 2017, Becky returned to, working on Integrated Car Part Pro deployments. A year later, she transitioned to the role of Training Manager where her unique combination of recycling industry knowledge and Car-Part experience was instrumental in improving customer training programs and the conversion processes. In 2022, Becky also assumed the role of Sales Manager. She is excited to be back in sales, where her Car-Part career began, to continue helping customers succeed.

Ron Matthews Ron Matthews

Ron Matthews has been in and around the auto recycling industry his whole career. What started as a learning experience with AutoInfo, has turned into a lifetime of helping auto recyclers run their business profitably.

Prior to working for Car-Part, Ron worked his way up from sweeping the floors to being the manager of Cerrito Brothers Auto Salvage in Johnston, Rhode Island. He began working with Checkmate in 1989 and has installed and/or converted hundreds of yards since then. Ron’s passion for auto recycling is unparalleled and he brings an incredible amount of energy and information to his customers.

Ron served as the Director of the Auto Recyclers Association of Rhode Island, and now serves as Industry Liaison. He is also on several committees with ARA and ARNE.

Today, he continues in Checkmate Sales, while still operating his business, where he works on consulting, training, and networking for auto recyclers.

Jessica Garcia Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia's experience in the auto recycling industry started with two and a half years at Pluck A Part, a recycling facility in Tempe, Arizona. She joined in 2018, performing sales and training roles. In her time with the company, she has overseen scheduling, installing, and training for Car Part Pro, Checkmate, Bidmate, and Partmate. In her current role as Conversation Specialist, Jessica handles IMS conversions, introducing recyclers to the Checkmate products suite. Her bilingual abilities and broad base of product knowledge make her an invaluable part of’s sales and training teams.

Brie Hafford Brie Hafford

Brie Hafford has 6 years experience with Her journey with the company began in the admin department, and after a year she took on a role in the Checkmate Support team. Proficient in many programs, Brie provides support for the entire Checkmate products suite. She specializes in IMS-conversion installations and image escalations. For the past 5 years, Brie has worked behind the scenes for the World Tour, with responsibilities ranging from networking to equipment and PC preparation.

Samantha Harland Samantha Harlan

When Samantha Harlan joined the team this past January, she brought with her 12 years of experience in the auto recycling industry. Through years of working in inventory and sales, Samantha gained an expertise in’s products, as well as expertise in competitively selling recycled parts on eBay. She is a founder of Recycled OE Parts, which opened in 2020. Samantha’s responsibilities there include inventory, sales, marketing, social media management, and listing to eBay. Samantha specializes in producing part images for optimum performance in online marketplaces.