Surrey, BC  •  May 12-13
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Friday 12pm-3pm  -  Registration and One-on-one Training
Ontario, CA Arrive anytime after 12pm to get settled in and get your laptop hooked up to the World Tour environment.

Starting at 1pm, we'll have One-on-one Training available (first come, first served).

At 3pm, we'll start group classes.

Friday 3pm-8pm  -  Checkmate Suite Classes
Main Room Breakout Room
Checkmate Sales Pro
Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay (and Live Demo)
Checkmate Inventory Pro (with New Features) New Excel Reports

Saturday 8am-12pm  -  Ecommerce Classes for All Management Systems (Checkmate, Powerlink II, Pinnacle Pro)
Main Room Breakout Room
Registration One-on-one Training
From a Shop’s Point of View
Ecommerce:, eBay, and Beyond (Plus Inventory DOs and DON'Ts)
Using Car-Part Demand Data to Get Started

Saturday 12pm-1pm  -  Lunch Break

Saturday 1pm-4pm  -  Classes
Main Room Breakout Room
Crashlink and Car-Part Interchange Plus (for Checkmate, Powerlink, and Pinnacle)
Part Grading New Features / Web Inconsistency Report Photomate New Features
Partmate and $martList New Features Assemblies

Friday Schedule

12:00pm-8:00pm – Registration & Laptop Setup
We strongly encourage you to bring your Windows laptop with you to class. You do not need to have any of our software installed on your laptop to participate. We will connect your computer to our simulation environment, giving you access to the software products we will discuss today.

1:00pm-8:00pm - One-on-one training
Our trainers will be available to answer questions one-on-one or in small groups. (First come, first served.) We can discuss any questions you have about software you already have, or show you something new that you're interested in!

3:00pm-6:30pm – Classes
Checkmate Sales Pro
In this class, you’ll learn Checkmate Sales Pro basics - how to search for multiple parts at once, research quotes, work orders, purchase orders and invoices, see customer payment history, and so much more! If you’re new to Sales Pro, you’ll leave proficient in the software; if you’re a longtime Checkmate user, you’ll discover new tips, tricks, and game-changers for optimizing your sales workflow!

Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay (and Live Demo)
We’re giving a live demonstration, so we can show you how you can use Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay to easily list any number of parts on eBay—each with a vivid description and plenty of photos to keep eBay shoppers choosing your listings over the competition’s. Do you use eBay Business Policies for your listings? With the latest Checkmate build, you can map Business Policies to each of your part types (and select your default set of Business Policies), all from within Checkmate, and with zero fuss!

Inventory Pro (with New Features)
Inventory Pro is Checkmate's "command central" for inventory management. This course will show you how to add vehicle records, inventory loose parts, and maintain inventory information by "drilling down" to exactly the parts you want to edit, making and saving your changes in just a few clicks. You’ll also get an in-depth look at Inventory Pro’s newest features, which enable you to modify your display to optimally perform a wide variety of inventory workflows with speed and ease!

New Excel Reports
Checkmate has new, insight-rich Excel-based reports that we’re excited to share with you! These are: Advanced PO Report, Paid Out Report, Part Cost Profitability Report, Roundtable Report, Dismantled Vehicles Report, Inventory Aging Summary by Dollar Amount, Parts Deleted from Work Orders Report, Price Book Changes Report, Stock Number Analysis Report, VUC Report, eBay Part Status Listing Report. In this class, we’ll show you how you can use these tools to obtain more actionable insights than ever before!

6:30pm-8:00pm – Q&A
Ask our team of experts any questions you have about the Checkmate products suite, the changing ecommerce environment for recycled auto parts, best practices for inventory management—anything our decades of experience in the industry can help you with!

Saturday Schedule

9:00am-12:00pm – Classes
From a Shop’s Point of View
In this class, we’ll show you the Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) from the other side. You'll get insight into the the experience and perspective of your customers, repair shops and insurance adjusters in British Columbia who use iPro to find the right part (at the right price) for the repair. Along the way, you’ll learn best practices to perform competitively in online marketplaces, and keep customers returning to your business!

Ecommerce:, eBay, and Beyond (Plus Inventory DOs and DON'Ts)
In this course, we'll cover all the keys to successfully selling parts in a world that is increasingly online. We'll discuss best practices for images, internet sales, and inventory, to show you how to create part listings that perform competitively in today’s online marketplaces.

Using Car-Part Demand Data to Get Started
In this course, we’ll show you how Car-Part Demand Data delivers insight-driving data for today’s auto recyclers. Demand Data provides data for local, regional, and global requests for parts, giving you the access to the information you need to bid wisely, inventory strategically, and price parts competitively. In Partmate, Car-Part Demand Data helps power the $martList algorithm ($martList easily identifies parts that will lead to profits for you).

1:00pm-4:00pm – Classes
CrashLink and Car-Part Interchange Plus for Checkmate, Powerlink, and Pinnacle
CrashLink is our first-in-class OE information tool. Using Motor® data, CrashLink serves as a powerful research tool. In this class, we’ll show how to use CrashLink to search for parts by OE number (or other criteria) and view list price history, application information (even for non-interchange parts!), and detailed part diagrams.

We’ll also introduce you to Car-Part Interchange Plus (CPI+), which provides new and enhanced interchange for parts for all major makes and models (including Mazda and Mitsubishi!). Parts with interchange are much more visible in online searches on marketplaces. And CrashLink puts CPI+ within reach for Pinnacle and Powerlink users! Come discover how to tap into the $400 million/year CPI+ opportunity in the marketplace!

Part Grading New Features / Web Inconsistency Report
The latest Checkmate build massively enhances part grading. Checkmate now recognizes Subjective Part Types, such as “Seats” or “Glass,” which are graded on criteria specific to that part type (not mileage or damage units). To assist in inventory management, Checkmate Inventory Pro can now run powerful audits that find any parts in your inventory with inconsistent or missing part information, so you can edit the parts to perform optimally in online marketplaces.

Photomate New Features
With abilities that go beyond just snapping pics, our Photomate app enables you to add photos to parts, manage your part locations, assign interchange to Resolution Parts, and even add parts to your inventory, all from your mobile device. In this course, we’ll show you Photomate’s latest enhancements, which make Photomate more dynamic as an editing tool that ever before.

Partmate and $martList New Features
Partmate, our portable inventory tool, makes the process of inventorying new vehicles quicker, easier, and simpler than ever before. Partmate is made powerful by its $martList feature, which identifies parts that will lead to profits. $martList's transparent algorithm suggests parts to inventory based on marketplace data, your own sales/requests, inventory, labor, and CPI+. In this course, we’ll show you how the latest updates to Partmate and $martList strategically enhance the inventorying process.

When online shoppers purchase recycled assemblies, they need to feel confident that they know what is and isn’t included with their purchase. To address this need in the market, Checkmate’s latest enhancements make it simple to ensure that your inventory data is accurate when it comes to assemblies. In this class, we’ll show you how Checkmate keeps you informed about changes in assembly status, and enables you to quickly and easily review your inventory data for assemblies that are labeled complete, but are in need of an update.